20 Years of Photoshop

For 20 years, the world has used Adobe Photoshop software to transform creative inspiration into nearly everything we see in print, online, and across media. It’s time to celebrate — and see what today’s Photoshop family of products can do for you


In-house design resources

There are a number of unique challenges and opportunities that creatives face when practicing design in the corporate environment. This online forum offers interviews, essays and case studies specifically created and chosen to inspire and support in-house designers and design team managers. In an effort to end the isolation that many in-house designers experience, readers are urged to reach out and contribute to the discourse.

Adobe Live Chat Services!

In September, Adobe Worldwide Customer Care launched new chat services in North America and EMEA (available in English, French, and German) to address a variety of customer service questions, including Adobe IDs and passwords, downloads, order status, upgrades, post-announce upgrades, returns, product registrations, and serial numbers. When you visit Adobe.com for one of these topics you will be proactively invited into a live chat with a customer service agent, based on your navigation patterns on Adobe.com


Way to go.