Ai Tips- Live Gradient Type- 1

explaining photo

ammar midani

I’m going to start new Adobe Illustrator CS5 tips, of them on how to maintain alive type while having gradient, we know that gradients are hard to apply to a live type, so here comes the first one:
– Draw a rectangle
– Apply your desired gradient on it
– Define this rectangle as a graphic style, (by dragging it to the Graphic Styles panel)
– Apply this style on your live type.



Tiny Bridge tip!

I found this so helpful when copying and pasting from within Adobe Bridge.
– Copy a file in Bridge
– Option Click(right-click)
– choose paste to

This should give you a list of your latest pasting places.

Handy handy!

Acrobat 9 Professional ACE Exam Aid

The Acrobat 9 Professional ACE Exam Aid is now available from

It supports a revamped examEngine:

• Menus removed and more user options included.
• All settings are now in one handy dialog box.
• Modules can be turned on/off individually.
• You can tell a module how many questions it must include in a test.
• An auto-updater included.