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Proofing for Color Blindness

Creates a soft proof that reflects colors visible to a person with color blindness. The two soft proof options, Protanopia and Deuteranopia, approximate color perception for the most common forms of color blindness.


Choose View > Proof Setup > Color Blindness, and then choose either Protanopia-type or Deuteranopia-type.

Adobe Photoshop Product Center

The Adobe® Photoshop® family of products is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images and transforming them into anything you can imagine. This page provides a summary of the Photoshop-related prerelease and experimental technologies available on Adobe Labs in addition to a listing of other Photoshop resources for designers and developers.


Adobe Press Room


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Acrobat 9 Professional ACE Exam Aid

The Acrobat 9 Professional ACE Exam Aid is now available from www.examaids.com

It supports a revamped examEngine:

• Menus removed and more user options included.
• All settings are now in one handy dialog box.
• Modules can be turned on/off individually.
• You can tell a module how many questions it must include in a test.
• An auto-updater included.

Adobe updates InDesign, InCopy CS4

According to Adobe, InDesign 6.0.1 fixes issues with scripting, master pages, digital editions, and importing and export graphics. The update also fixes a problem where stroke settings for merged table cells get lost when opening an INX file created in InDesign CS3 or earlier.

InCopy 6.0.1 fixes issues with hyphenation and INCX import. Specifically a problem was fixed that caused the application to improperly import the XML backing store when placing InDesign CS3 snippets, incx files and library assets into an indd document.

There are two issues with Mac OS X Leopard that have not been fixed with these updates. Users still can’t use the Command+H shortcut to hide the applications and they may unexpectedly quit when using the Place, Save, Save As or Export commands using either the OS or Adobe dialog boxes.

InDesign and InCopy 6.0.1 are available from the company’s Web site, or through CS4’s built-in reviews.

Photoshop CS4 Missing in Action Features

Some Photoshop fans wondering where did some well known features in photoshop like Extract went?!

Well look no more, according to John Nack you can download some and forget about some, look here