Add Photos to your Perspective Grid!

Here is a quick tip on placing an image on the new perspective grid in Illustrator CS5
– Place your image
– Define as a pattern ( drag to the swatches panel)
– Draw your perspective object
– Fill it with the pattern
If you find the image tiled or big, here’s a twist around
– With your object selected double-click on the scale tool and choose pattern from Options, then adjust the percentage.



  1. Hi, I am trying to drag the picture that i placed onto my artboard into patten swatches, and it won’t allow it as it says it is the wrong format. I placed a picture that was jpeg, i tried it as pdf and photoshop format too… I am not sure how to get the pic on there 🙂 thanks!

    • Hi,
      did you file/placed the photo?

      • yes but its still not working

  2. Peter, at what stage are you having trouble?

  3. I am also have difficulties with this. Does the photo have to be saved as a certain file type?

    • Amanda JPEG or PSD will do

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