For the friends and clients of Ammar Midani
These tips are mainly aimed towards PC users although some will work for Mac users.

100 Tips by Ammaro



InDesign Tips: Placing Images

– Click and drag as you place a photo for proportional placing
– Alt ( Option)+Click when you place a photo to an exact location on a different page
– When you toggle throw multiple placed photos show the links panel to view info about the images you are importing.
– You can group object and make them a button.
– Add shift when placing multiple photos to adjust the space between them

In-house design resources

There are a number of unique challenges and opportunities that creatives face when practicing design in the corporate environment. This online forum offers interviews, essays and case studies specifically created and chosen to inspire and support in-house designers and design team managers. In an effort to end the isolation that many in-house designers experience, readers are urged to reach out and contribute to the discourse.

Learn Adobe Photoshop CS4 on Your iPhone

Chosen by Apple as ‘New and Noteworthy’ on the iTunes App Store, this amazing new iPhone Application from Adobe Press allows you to learn Photoshop CS4 at the click of a button.
You’ll not only get two hours of high-quality video tutorials covering the most essential topics in Adobe Photoshop CS4, but you’ll also be able to test your progress with quizzes, bookmark any movie for later viewing, share tips and comments with other users, and much more. Introductory pricing of $1.99 is available for a limited time.

Adobe founders honored

President Barack Obama will present Adobe co-founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock® with the prestigious National Medal of Technology and Innovation-the country’s highest honor for technological and scientific achievement-on October 7 at the White House. Chuck and John have been recognized for their “pioneering contributions that spurred the desktop publishing revolution and for changing the way people create and engage with information and entertainment across multiple mediums including print, web and video.” See the announcement from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Adobe Flex 3 with AIR ACE Exam: Now available

The Adobe Flex 3 with AIR Exam is based upon the most critical job activities that a Flex developer performs. The skills and knowledge certified by this examination represent a professional level of expertise for a certified individual.



Adobe’s OnDemand Seminars

This webinar will teach you how to run an online meeting. Find out why the Federal Highway Administration, DISA, and so many other government agencies use Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro for their online Training!


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