Various Photoshop tips & techniques


Photoshop Revisited: Duplicating Layers:
A great feature is that you can duplicate layers into a new documents. In the duplicate layer dialogue box, you chose a destination. and type a name for the new document. The new file will have no BG layer.

Photoshop Revisited: Styles:
You can drag the style to an object to apply on it.

Photoshop Revisited: Advanced Blending:
When blending layers, you can restrict the blend to exclude channels you need, by ticking in the advanced blending dialogue box.

Photoshop Revisited: Channels:
Did you know that when you delete a channel, then the image is in the multi channel mode.

Photoshop Revisited: Web CMYK:
You can use the save for the web command to sane CMYK images for the web, PS will turn the mode to RGB.

Photoshop Revisited: PDF:
To open an image from a PDF file>> file/import PDF image
To create a new Photoshop file for each page of a multiple-page PDF file>> file/automate/multi-page PDF to PSD. You’ll be asked to chose which color mode and resolution.

Photoshop Revisited: Saving your stuff:
Ever wonder where did that brush, style..went after you’ve create it, well you have to save it the editor you’ve created it with. Cause you may replace the set, made a new one.

Photoshop Revisited: Web Colors:
to make reading the web color number for your colors a little bit easier, click on the eye-dropper icon that appears next to the CMYK readout in the Info palette and select Web Color. Now you’ll get the hexadecimal readouts for each color.




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