Bridge CS4 Tips

bridge-300x300Viewing modes are great methods to show your work as a portfolio or a proof to a client.
Select your photos go to view:
Full screen view to view the images one at a time, use the arrow keys to toggle between selected images, use space bar to go in and out of the full screen mode.
Use R key to process in camera raw

Slide show view, this one id different from the full screen mode because it allows a transition method and a timing for showing the image, use the View/ Slideshow options to adjust the settings.
Use the H key to show mode shortcuts
Use R key to process in camera raw
Review mode will move the image sin flash carousel manner, while in this mode
Use the H key to show mode shortcuts
Use R key to process in camera raw
Right & left keys to toggle between images
Down arrow key to exclude a certain image
Esc to quit


Adobe Illustrator CS4 Blob Brush

The new strangely named Blob brush tool in Illustrator is a great and sure will be fun for painters. He’res something to glorify its magic; it always merges with similar colors, meaning if you paint with a different color you will get another object.



 Use the brackets to modify its diameter

 Hold down the Alt(Option) key to move to the smooth tool

Use it with combanation of the Additive Graphic Styles loaded from the graphic styles panel

Proofing for Color Blindness

Creates a soft proof that reflects colors visible to a person with color blindness. The two soft proof options, Protanopia and Deuteranopia, approximate color perception for the most common forms of color blindness.


Choose View > Proof Setup > Color Blindness, and then choose either Protanopia-type or Deuteranopia-type.

InDesign CS4 Contact Sheet Cascade Placing


When you place multiple files in InDesign using the File/Place command you can select multiple images at one by holding the Ctrl ( Command) key, but if you want to place them as a contact sheet on an InDesign CS4 page hold down the Ctrl(Command) + Shift keys and drag.



When you color-manage documents that will be viewed exclusively on the web, Adobe recommends that you use the sRGB color space. sRGB is the default working space for most Adobe color settings, but you can verify that sRGB is selected in the Color Settings dialog box (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) or the Color Management preferences (Acrobat). With the working space set to sRGB, any RGB graphics you create will use sRGB as the color space.

Using Photoshop, and inside the Save for web dialog box, make sure Conver for sRGB is checked.

With Illustrator and inside the save for web dialog box the command is under the drop down menu.

Adobe Photoshop Product Center

The Adobe® Photoshop® family of products is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images and transforming them into anything you can imagine. This page provides a summary of the Photoshop-related prerelease and experimental technologies available on Adobe Labs in addition to a listing of other Photoshop resources for designers and developers.


Eraser tool in Adobe Illustrator

If you used the less known tool in Illustrator the eraser tool you might notice that it erase to a closed path, hold down Alt (Option), and drag with the eraser tool to make erase to a block.