Create your own custom Panel with Adobe Configurator

Adobe  Configurator is a free utility allowing you to customize Photoshop panels like never before, heres a run down tutorial.

1.       Download Adobe Configurator

2.       Start Adobe Configurator

3.       File new panel, now on the right side, give it a name, and dimensions.

4.       On the left side, expand the tools, commands, action/ scripts and  widgets, then drag to the newly created panel .

5.       When done, choose File/ Export Panel

6.       In the exported folder, find the . mxi file and double-clcik it, it will open with Adobe Extension manager, allowing you to save in .mxp format, when done ExMan gives you created extension message.

7.       Now double-click .mxp file to open it in Adobe ExMan, accept and it will install it where it should be.

8.       Now open Photoshop, then Window/ Extensions / (your panel). Photoshop gives you a message to restart.

Download “The Configurator”

Check here later for new panels from Ammar!


Advertisements Online Photo Editing

Pixlr is a online image editor, that means that you can upload your images and edit them in your browser. It is built in Flash and you need to have a Flash plug in to get it to work.

Pixlr is built for non-professionals, the users that have basic editing needs. It’s not for large RAW images or for printing. It is merely a tool for editing web images to be posted on blogs, news-sites, social networks like Facebook, Myspace Bebo, image sites like Flickr, Fotolog, Photobucket etc.

Try it

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