Creating a PDF Contact Sheet in Photoshop CS4

You will find the favorite command nowhere in photoshop and for your wonder its in Bridge now, here a quick technique:

1. Launch Bridge CS4

2. Window/ Workspace / Output

3. Select you images

4. On the top right click the PDF button

5. From the template menu choose a size for you sheet, and click the refresh button

6. (optional) you can choose  a page size from under the document pane

7. (optional) under the Watermarc pane you can adda notice for othere to read

8. To save the PDF, clcik save at the bottom of the Output pane.


Happy Photoshopping


Photoshop CS4 Missing in Action Features

Some Photoshop fans wondering where did some well known features in photoshop like Extract went?!

Well look no more, according to John Nack you can download some and forget about some, look here